Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A 'Tangled' Birthday Cake

I made this for my daughter's 4th birthday last weekend and had so much fun doing it! The best tip I can give you is: order the donut holes beforehand if you plan on making this on a Saturday morning. I went to 6 donut shops between 9-11am and every store was sold out of them except the very last store. Supposedly, they're the hot item for Saturday morning breakfast!


  • 1 flat, round wood cylinder.

  • 1 24-inch-long plastic pole/small pvc pipe-thoroughly washed

  • 1 really creative, awesome father to attach the pole to the wood with his wood-working tools.

  • 24 rainbow-sprinkle cake donuts

  • 2 dozen plain donut holes

  • decorating icing

  • fondant flowers

  • royal icing

  • 4 snack-size snickers bars

  • tiny Rapunzel doll


  • Attach pole to wood cylinder, then super glue a pretty silver cardboard tray to the wood for the donuts to lay on.

  • Using a knife, make the holes in the sprinkle donuts larger so they fit around the pole without cracking or splitting in half.

  • Place 20-24 donuts around the pole just so the top of the pole is slightly covered. I attached the top 2 donuts together with white royal icing so the top one could hold decorations without tipping over.

  • Decorate the donut tower with green royal icing and fondant flowers all the way up to make it look like Rapunzel's tower.

  • Place 4 snickers on the top donut using royal icing.

  • Attach Rapunzel to the middle of the snickers bars using royal icing.

  • Place donut holes around the base of the tower using royal icing on each donut hole so they don't roll off.

  • Write a birthday message around the base of the cake and use fondant or paper flowers and leaves to make it look like the ground.

  • Enjoy!!

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  1. Wow! I was looking for something not too too fussy and that makes an it!!! I will talk to my other half and see if we can pull this off :) Great work and creativity!!!!!